About Us

At Trigger Happy Waterfowl, we offer a variety of guided hunts.

  • Field hunts: Field hunting is a fantastic value that offers the best bang for your buck. These hunts are fast paced, and are usually done by 9 am. If necessary we will stay later to complete a limit.

  • Water hunts: If you've never hunted over water, you absolutely should! Designed for those who like a challenge, and a chance to capture multiple species of waterfowl. I've shot 24 different species on the water, compared to only 6 in the fields (in this area). Making a big splash with a goose is something you won't soon forget!

  • The best time for field hunting geese begins in late September, and usually continues through to mid-October. With the great numbers of birds available, field hunting is possible from the opening day of hunting season until the season ends.

  • Mid-November to mid-December is the best time for ducks and geese on the water. Geese are always available on the water, and it's my favorite way to hunt these large birds.

  • Water hunts are conducted from a 23 foot War Eagle with blind, layout boats, or from shore blinds. Field hunt are from layout blinds, and A-Frame blinds.